Tuesday, July 26, 2016

HOME/GARDEN: A Good Mild, Light-Bodied Coffee

OMGoodness! Seattle's Best Coffee is the best smelling coffee I've ever had, best-smelling out of the package! I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but for me it's also easily the best-tasting among what I buy as well.

I first tasted it years ago at a Subway store, and loved it ever since. When I open a new pack I almost faint in ecstasy from the fragrance of the 100% Arabica beans that they use. Don't know the difference between Arabica and robusta beans? See my article at I Need Coffee: Arabica vs Robusta: No Contest. I always try to buy Arabica.

SB coffee has an organic, living smell that reminds me of dark, rich, edible earth.  And the flavor! OMGoodness! Mildly woody and finely-balanced. It lingers pleasantly on the tongue, keeping it's rich, light-bodied taste even when brewed thinly. It's not like some coffees that taste like water when not brewed strongly.

It has always been fine-ground, which means that it brews up richly using little product. I like their medium-balanced Seattle's Best Level 3 Ground Coffee. I use a tablespoon measure and add 1 tbsp per 1 cup of water. Some think I like it strong, but others may think I brew a weak cup. It's actually medium in strength.  If I brew is very strong I can't distinguish the fine subtleties of the blend.

Seattle's Best says about their coffee, "...our expert roasters carefully apply just the right amount of heat over a period of time to make sure every batch you get is smooth, delicious, and downright delightful." I agree!

To learn more about the company, visit Seattle's Best Coffee website.

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