Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CRAFTING: Creativebug Subscriptions Through Amazon

For 4.95 a month, Amazon is offering unlimited access to 700+ art and craft classes. It's called Creativebug and there is a 14-day free trial that auto-renews, of course. You can cancel through your digital subscriptions page.  Feedback breakdown is 50% 5-star, and 20% 1-star.  One person was not impressed by the class selections nor the teaching style of one instructor. She felt that Craftsy offers more. Someone else suggested using Pinterest and saving yourself that fee. Other comments include not enough advanced classes and ok for the beginner.

On the positive side, some say the classes are professional and provide what is needed to begin crafting.  Another member said the amount of choices are a bit overwhelming at first. The tons of started videos are beautifully made, fun, easy to follow and well-produced.

So you should try it for yourself, if you are seeking a subscription-based craft classes service. Me? I'm going to bow out at this time. Not even going to bother with the 14-day free trial, because I'm quite happy with Youtube. Maybe if I had the time to watch numerous videos often, I'd feel differently. I know that Youtube's ads and hodge-podge of video subjects cannot compare to the dedicated and serene craft interface of workshop sites such as Craftsy, Creativebug, Ravelry and the like. Just the thought beckons to their quiet online creative retreats. Still, for now I agree with that Amazon member who asked why she would subscribe to Creativebug when she can go to Youtube for free.
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