Thursday, June 2, 2016

NEWS: Target Hindering Large Volume Reseller Purchases

What do you think about Target's program to deter resellers from purchasing their products?  This article on EcommerceBytes: Target Cracks Down on Resellers shares that the corporation frowns upon customers purchasing products, especially sale and clearance merchandise, and selling it at higher prices.  Target considers this to be a loss for the chain. They are training associates to spot these customers and take steps to prevent their purchases. I say more than anything, it cheats Target's intended customers, even those who are not aware of the sale, or who could not get to the store.

Don't we all, as crafters and artists, buy merchandise, use some of it, or end up not using it at all, and resell the supplies as destash? This does not seems to be the type of customer that Target is targeting, however. They may be referring to those who make it a practice to buy large volumes of low-priced merchandise to hike the prices for reselling at a large profit margin.

The Creative Seller

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