Thursday, June 23, 2016

PUBLISHING: Can The Book Back Cover Design Repel Customers?

Martin Rothery, at Linkedin, asked this question because of an experience he had with a potential book buyer, about a certain book. The shopper said, among other things, that the book's back cover needed a smaller blurb text block, and that the top of the bar code needed to be uncovered. The blurb overlaps it slightly at the top. The customer felt that bookstores would be more inclined to sell the book with these corrections. Martin wonders just how important anymore is the back cover design?

I responded to his questions by stating, Unfortunately, I've read, somewhere long ago, that the size of and position of the bar code can attract or repel a potential buyer.  As for the book above, I do think that if the blurb text block was more narrow, which would give it it's own border, and if it was raised above the bar code, so that you could see the complete border of the bar code, then the back would be more aesthetically pleasing. It's all psychological, and it's important. It may effect only a few, or it could effect a huge segment of a seller's potential customer base, depending on what is being sold, and to whom. 

What experience do you have with designing a back book cover? If you don't have experience, what do you think?

To see Martin's book in question, follow this link: Judge A Book By It's Cover-Never!
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