Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BUSINESS: Using Better Quality #10 Business Envelopes

Sturdy, attractive #10 envelopes for shipping paper-crafted handmades.

Business envelopes have increased in price, like everything, from the $5-7 I used to pay for a box of 500. That was in the 90's, or maybe even in the 80's. Over 30 years ago! Sometimes I forget how much time has passed, and wonder why are some things so high!

I recently bought a box of these #10 envelopes for $17.99 at Walmart, though I could have ordered another type for $13+. Seems everyone is selling them, but they are $25+ at Shoplet, $30+ at Newegg, and a whopping $55+ at Grainger Industrial Supply! That's not even for a case! Just the 500 envelopes pkg that I bought. You better shop around!

Business envelopes with ridges easy to print and art-stamp.

They are from Quality Park Products #11130. I chose them because of the heavier weight and the narrow rather than pointed flap. Another great feature is their woven Park Ridge design. At one angle, you can see the vertical ridges, and you can even feel them when you run your hand lightly across the surface. At another angle, the envelopes look totally white. In addition to the 24 lb. stock, this makes for a sturdy, classy envelope. They have a super white brightness and are easy to print upon and embellish with art stamps.

Many of my paper-crafted products can be shipped in them, and I am very pleased with the image that they project. It was worth it to pay a little more, because my economy envelopes were just too thin and flimsy to make a professional impression.

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