Monday, May 23, 2016

BUSINESS: Here's A Clever Business Name!

Here's A Clever Business Name!


Designs fashionable and affordable eyewear.

It's a play on the word amusement. Does your business need a name revamp? Brainstorm and get inspired by the clever business names of others.

The Creative Seller

BUSINESS: Thinking About Giving Up Online Selling?

Online selling not dead for those who are committed to the end.

My advice about any pursuit is always if you love it, you’re in it for the long-haul. If it is who you are rather than what you do, you will make it work. You’ll adapt, change, alter, re-invent your products, but you’ll never give up. No person, no changes out there, no shifts in the economy, the condition of a website at any given moment, etc., etc., will stop you. Where is best place(s) to invest time/money to list IS something to consider regularly.

On the fence about whether to continue marketing and selling at online venues? For me, as long as there is an Internet/Internet2-->, and as long as I can manage it, online selling is for me. The changes in the big venues, and the folding of other smaller ones, are frustrating and distressing, but they can’t stop those who are determined to be successful in online selling.

IDEA: Think about mixing it up as time allows. Add another venue. Expand your product line. Redesign your logos and banners. Consider changing your business name. 

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