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 Beads & Findings

Royal Blue Seed Beads, 8 Grams Each, E Beads, Beading Supplies, 1 Free Pack (see more pics at Bonanza)

1 Free 8 Gram Pack Royal Blue Rocailles Seed Beads Included (not pictured)

$5.99 Free Shipping 
Msg Me Before You Order

5 packs royal blue E beads, about 5/0 or 6/0. 2 packs royal blue seed beads, about 10/0 or 11/0. Each pack is 8 grams, all packs included for total of 7 bags of beads, plus the 1 free pack. The free pack (not pictured) has a lining in the hole that seems to be silver and the blue opaque color appears to be metallic. These are Cousin Corp glass beads. You will receive all that are pictured.

Sewing & Needlecrafts

Vintage Craft Ribbon, Sewing Supplies & Embellishments, Mauve, Peach, Blue Trim

100% Nylon,  All 5 Spools Included, 4 Factory-Sealed (40 Yards), 1 Opened

 $12.99 Free Shipping
Msg Me Before You Order
Vintage Wang's International , Inc Craft And Apparel Ribbon
4 spools
French Blue, 1/8" width, 10 yds, RBN018-163, factory-sealed
Williamsburg Blue, 1/8" width, 10 yds, RBN018-074, factory-sealed
Mauve, 1/8" width, 10 yds, RBN018-143, factory-sealed
Lt Peach, 1/8" width, originally and most likely 30 yds, RBN018-111, has been opened and some of the ribbon rewound back onto spool, underneath is a lot of unwound ribbon.

Walmart Ribbon
1 spool
Says the color is Hunter Green (maybe a color misprint), but the ribbon looks Blue. 1/8" width, 10 yds, RBN018-176, factory-sealed.

Craft Ribbon, Sewing Embellishments,
Mauve, Peach, Green, White, Maroon Trims
100% Nylon & Polyester, All 7 Spools Included, 3 Factory-Sealed (26 Yards), 4 Opened

$12.99 Free Shipping
Msg Me Before You Order

Vintage Wang's International , Inc Craft And Apparel Ribbon
1 Spool
Peach, 1/4" width, originally 6 yds, RBN 014 VP, opened and possibly used

Offray Spool O' Ribbon
5 Spools
White, 1/8" width, 10 yds, RN 17991 CA 07795, opened and possibly used
Mauve, 1/8" width, 10 yds, CA07795, factory-sealed
Maroon, 3/16" width, originally 6 yds, opened and possibly used
Bright Green, 3/16" width, originally 6 yds, opened and possibly used
Drab Green, 3/16" width, 6 yds, factory-sealed

Darice Decorator Ribbon
1 spool
Peach, 1/8" width, 10 yds, 29530-720, factory-sealed.


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