Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Read And Learn!

Wednesday Motivational Greeting
Happy Wednesday, no matter what!

Start reading a good book today.

Finish the one you started.

Ever read an eBook? Start one today!

Watch a Youtube craft or art video to learn a new technique.

Published products make learning unlimited.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

BUSINESS: 5 Strategies To Increase Sales

Improve your marketing skills to sell more handmades.

Don't be discouraged by your lack of sales. Success is the result of a lot of variables. Don't list your handmades, services, vintage and supplies and sit back to wait for the orders to come in. Nowadays, you probably won't ever get any. 

Always be working on all of the things you need to do continuously to make your shops successes. Many new sellers wait for months for their first sale. That is not unusual. It is more of the norm. Many who have swift first sales solicited them from family, friends and customers from their other shops, events, connections, etc. Some of the sales are mercy purchases. The true unique buyer is not automatic or easy to come by. This type of highly-valued buyer generally has to be cultivated and retained.

Take time to learn about:
  • better photography
  • search engine optimization (SEO) in your product titles and descriptions 
  • color theory
  • seasonal selling and marketing
  • developing new products and discontinuing others
Get busy and do something different. Improve your marketing skills. These are just a few of the practices that can help boost your sales.

Friday, August 3, 2018

WRITING: 2 Ways To Write More

Ways to practice writing more.
Reaching your writing goals requires, well, regular writing. If you are not able to set aside consistent writing time, adopt these two practices. They can help you to develop more regular writing exercises of your own. 


You can practice writing with short, self-devised exercises.  One way is to add a little something more to the emails you send to family and friends.  This can be done by being more descriptive or dramatic when you share experiences. 


Pen your own quotes about truths that you've learned in life.  Penning your own quotes is a process that is very helpful for anyone who would like to write poetry, but is afraid to try. It is simply writing a sentence about something that you know. Most quotes ring true with other people, though they may not have thought of it before.

Extend yourself and practice these 2 writing exercises, and you'll soon get ideas for more. Before long, you'll be writing that article, story or book that you've been procrastinating about.

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

NEWS: Making It TV Show Starts Tonight
Making It Creativity Competition Series
Making It

I don't care for the competition part, but will check it out a few times to see if I can enjoy and learn from it. Making It starts tonight at 10p Eastern NBC.

It is a reality show competition for crafting and arting, hosted by 2 Parks & Recreation (which I never watched) alums.

Here's some more links:…/amy-poehler-and-nick-offe…/

I wish it was just crafting and arting. So hard to find programs like that now. I don't get the DIY channel, and the only thing I can see for cable forthcoming is to get out of my life.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

BUSINESS: How Etsy Handles State Sales Tax Collection

According to their Seller Handbook article How New Laws Impact State Sales Tax Collection on Etsy, the selling venue is now collecting taxes for the state of Oklahoma. They have been collecting taxes for Washington since January, and Pennsylvania since April. Online sellers have been concerned about the impact of the new eCommerce tax laws for some time, wondering if they will have to collect for all state. In the email that I received this morning, Etsy shared that there is nothing that sellers need to do. The taxes are collected on the back end when the buyers pay for their purchases.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

BUSINESS: To Add Shipping Or Charge Shipping

Handmades Selling: To Add Shipping or To Charge Shipping
As a handmades seller, I've been skimpy on shipping  insurance in the past, but I always knew it was a good thing to do, the best practice. Now that I mostly use Flat Rate packaging, insurance it is included along with tracking too. I still use calculated shipping too, for anything that I can mail in manila envelopes. I try to always add insurance now, unless it is paper crafting. Even then, some paper crafted products I buy insurance for.

Buyers do like to see free shipping in the listings, just as we do when we shop. Many sellers roll the shipping into the price and call it free shipping. I do find this a little difficult to do with lower-priced products, because the price seems too high with the shipping folded in. With higher-priced handmades it's easier to merge in the shipping charges.

Most handmades selling venues are encouraging sellers to offer free shipping as a standard. I read an article at Etsy recently that made me start thinking a little differently about this contentious issue. It said they want us to think of the shipping cost as one of the overall costs of production and roll it into the product price. They said the belief by sellers that buyers need to know the costs of shipping and how it affects all of us doesn't seem to matter anymore. They also stated that buyers don't care about that, and that they also don't want to pay more shipping than they would pay themselves.

I never thought of the shipping charges as one of the pre-expenses. The Etsy article did help me to consider something that I never have before, that rolling in the shipping charges doesn't have to feel like deceit. That is good, because it seems to be more apparent than ever that shoppers prefer free shipping, however they can get it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

DESTASH: Lace, Ribbon, Sewing & Fabric Trim Pack

Variety Pack of 9 Sewing Trims

These sewing trims are neatly wrapped and pinned onto my ribbon savers. Each one is marked with the yardage. The total yardage for the pack  = 23 1/3 yds  (70 ft). The lengths range from 3 ft to 11 ft and all 9 are included in the pack. You receive what is pictured, polyester and cotton laces, decor trim, ribbons and piping.
These trims can be used for any technique, not just sewing. Use them to trim out wall art, in collage and mixed media projects, in papercrafting and more! 

Use these trims for any technique.
Sewing Supplies, Craft Embellishments

Variety Pack of 9 Trims

Total Price 0.48 Per Yard

+ 1 (one) 5 ft Length Of Free Pink Lace (not shown in pics)
You receive everything in the photos.

This is the only pack that I have like this, though I'll be listing a similar one, so get it while you can.

These sewing trims are neatly wrapped and pinned onto my ribbon savers.
The orange and black are good colors for Autumn, fall, harvest and Halloween crafts.

See more details at EmbellishMart at Bonanza

Thursday, July 12, 2018

NEWS: Artyah 2.0 Update Delayed Again

The Artyah 2.0 platform update has been pushed forward, yet again, to the end of the year. This news was shared yesterday by Craig Weiss, the owner of the handmades selling venue. Sellers have been waiting for an extended time for the launch of the redesigned site. Unfortunately, another holiday season will come and go without the promised upgrade. There have been some changes and improvements, but not regarding the most critical issues that plague sellers. Among them is the flawed search system and blank default product images showing up on the marketplace page.

A couple of years ago there was a influx of disgruntled Etsy sellers who converged on the site in hopes that it would take off. Many of them, however, became disgruntled with Artyah and returned to Etsy. Since then, a listing fee of .10 has been introduced. Though this is only 1/2 of what Etsy charges, and though there is no monthly subscription, it removes Artyah from the free listing sites group.

Weiss launched the site in 2015 as a place for makers to sell their handmades, as well as antiques, vintage, and craft supplies. The site is based in Auburn, CA. Keep up with what is happening at the site by visiting the onsite community forums.
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