Thursday, May 9, 2019

MARKETING: Mark Your Products For More Sales

If you like to add variety and jazziness to your packaging like I do, merchandise tags can be made out of any old thing. Within the junk mail and household packaging that you get everyday are potential creative tags. Though there is a lot to be said about ordering coordinated business tags, labels and seals, I am an eclectic type of person. I like showing a different tag on each of my items. I make them from greeting cards, scrap paper, recycled artwork and other salvaged items. Here are the fronts and backs of some of my one-off tags:
Handmade product tag by Artsy Craftery Studio: made from tissue box design cut out.

Artsy Craftery Studio merchandise tag made from a salvaged drawing.

Handmade product tag by Artsy Craftery Studio: a salvaged paper star.

Artsy Craftery Studio handmade merchandise tag made from a greeting card cut out.

While tags are a fun identifying addition to your work, they are made to be discarded. As a result, we have to ensure that potential customers can find us by applying identifying/contact info, if possible, onto every piece of work that we produce. 

I committed to this idea long ago when I was disappointed to find myself at home with a favorite item that I had bought long ago. I wanted to find more of the work and had no idea who created it. Though I searched, there was no identifying info on it anywhere. I had wanted to learn more about the person and order more products, but the opportunity was forever lost to me.

One-off tags made by Artsy Craftery Studio
How do you add non-removable business or personal names, acrynyms, email addresses, etc., to your work? Some ways that I do are:
  • adding my name, logo and/or email to the back of paintings, mixed media, etc.,
  • adding cloth tags with business name and/or email to sewing and needlecrafts,
  • if the craft work is very small, print some type of identifying info on it with an ultra-fine permanent marker,
  • incorporate identifying info into digital designs,
  • add tiny, pre-made, customized ID charms to jewelry designs and other accessories, or use an initial charm to jog your customer's memory, or metal-stamp your own charm tags with a custom metal stamp or one that you create. 
For some items, of course, I simply can't find a way to do it. With an ultrafine marker though, there are few times when I can't. Always try to place it in an inconspicuous place, a corner, at the bottom or along the side. If a customer loves your work they will search every inch to find you.

Anything that you provide on your product may one day convert to several sales. If you could have seen me feverishly searching and examining products that I've had over the years for some minute scrap of identifying info, you would understand how important this is. These products have been anything from paper-crafted pieces to sculpture.

I've bought them at department stores, discount stores and thrift stores. Some of my fav items are from thrift stores, flea markets and bazaars, out-of-the way places to where some creative person's artwork or crafted items ended up. They were someone's discards, but they were new treasures to me.

So, don't forget your identifying info, if you can at all add it. It does take extra time, but it's worth it , because wherever your handmades end up you'll be with them. Don't rely on customers to hold on to packing and shipping info. If your product should end up at a church bring-and-buy, that info would not follow it anyway. Be more proactive in marketing yourself and find creative ways to mark your products.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

NEWS:Shopify Absorbs Tictail

The selling venue, Tictail, was acquired by Shopify in November, 2018.  The platform closed in April this year and the acquisition also closed the b-and-m store in Manhattan. This undated statement, at the website address, makes it sound like the site will return with a new metamorphosis:

  • We are looking forward to the amazing things we will now be able to accomplish as a part of Shopify - we’re really just getting started. We want to thank everyone involved in the journey so far; our team, our brands, our customers and our investors - and welcome you on to this next chapter, we can’t wait to continue our journey with you. See you at Shopify!
Founded in Stockholm in 2011 by Carl Waldekranz, Kaj Drobin, Siavash Ghorbani and Birk Nilsson, the platform was popular with creatives in Sweden, Germany and the UK. The marketplace exclusively featured a curated gallery of independent global brands, though anyone could open a shop. The site was billed as a DIY e-commerce platform empowering emerging designers to set up a virtual store in minutes.


Friday, May 3, 2019

MARKETING: Roberto Blake On Marketing Yourself

"You should be spending your time on what are called revenue-generating opportunities, and marketing and promoting yourself are a big part of that."

Though Roberto's videos focus on the design industry, his business advice is pertinent across many industries. Listen to what he says in this video about,
  • showing up to promote yourself -vs- giving your competitor free reign,
  • why others are getting the business and sales,
  • the opposite of complaining about not getting results,
  • speaking for your work -vs- letting your work speak for itself,
  • how to close the deal,
  • the secret to his success,
  • and his valuable tips for promoting yourself. 
Learn how to become a more dedicated, savvy, smart and ambitious businessperson by listening to Roberto Blake's videos. Allow his experience, confidence and no-nonsense delivery influence you to higher heights of success in your creative disciplines.

Roberto Blake is a professional graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, public speaker and business coach. He always makes the most perfect points as he delivers his marketing wisdom and business knowledge. 

Roberto creates interesting business videos and none of his words are wasted. Just about every phrase that he speaks is a profound and valuable morsel to squirrel away for smart-business sustenance. His videos are usually of a shorter, non-exhausting length, so it is easy to make time for them.  Listen to Roberto and learn.
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