Wednesday, January 16, 2019

RESOURCES: Inspiration From The Etsy Newsletter

I love the Etsy newsletter that is sent to my email each week. It is easy to review and has a clean, neat and non-cluttered design. I look forward to scanning it each week. I don't have much free time, but I make time to quickly overview this journal.

I don't always follow the links, but doing so is how I was able to get free promotion and packing supplies from American Express. This was for the Shop Small, Small Biz Saturday, Backed By Amex event during the holidays. I was also able to watch the Making It mini TV series competition (which was not crafty/handmade enough for me) by seeing the announcement in this lively online periodical.

I've been weeding out and pruning my email alerts, but the Etsy news blog is not going anywhere, except into my mind as I continue to squeeze out time to read it. It's exciting, it's fresh, it's fun! The overall design lends itself to thrilling anticipation!

Check out the Etsy News Blog!

I wanted to add an Etsy logo to this post, and was happy to find a Brand Assets download on the Press page. If you want it to use at your blog, see the download link at the bottom of this page. I'm going to unzip mine now to see what goodies await!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Artsy Customized Sweets For Valentine's, Events And Occasions

Customized Brownies for Valentine's Day

Time for some sweetness, because Zazzle makes it easy to put my graphic designs on sweet treats.
Tell that person this, "I Love You More Than Anything", and watch love flourish! Sweet words on sweet products for your sweetie!

I Love You Design By Artsy Craftery Design Studio On White Chocolate Dipped Oreos
This is a quote that I created when my mind was soaring about how expansive love can be.

It is a simple design in flowing script and warm peach (light orange), with 5 silvery gold hearts and lines of simulated sparkling confetti at the top and bottom.
Love Words Design By Artsy Craftery Design Studio On Cake Pops
All of these sweetly created confections are made, customized and individually-wrapped for Zazzle by Veronica's Treats in Middleboro, MA.
Romantic Message By Artsy Craftery Design Studio On Sugar Cookies
They all are perfect for goodie bags at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, or as a gift during holidays and other events and occasions. 
I Love You More Than Anything Design By Artsy Craftery Design Studio On Dipped Oreo Pops
Give them just because, just because you want to. Surprise someone and make them happy!
Celebrate your occasion! Simple words and attractive design from Artsy Craftery Design Studio says it all!
Customized Valentine's Sweets By Artsy Craftery Design Studio On Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreos

You will find these artsy sugar cookies, brownies, cake pops, dipped milk chocolate and white chocolate Oreos, and sprinkles-covered dipped Oreo pops under my Romance & Love category at my Zazzle shop, Artsy Craftery Design Studio: 💚💏💚

Thanks For Visiting!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

NEWS: Webshots 20 Yrs Old & Selling Subscriptions

Webshots is 20 years old today and sent me an offer, which arrived in my junk folder, to buy a yearly subscription to the website for $19.99. The link sent me to a payment landing page with no branding on it whatsoever. I would think they would direct potential buyers to an info page at the website, where I could read about Webshots today.

I will not purchase, but it would have been more conducive to me buying had they done that. I haven't used Webshots since about 2006 and they changed owners, I think, after that. I also shy away from unbranded payment pages, though a branded page can easily be falsified. Must be always vigilant! We are advised to not make payments at page links that arrived into our email boxes, but to go directly to the websites instead. That's what I would do, contact the website and ask for the promotion. I would explain that I was leery of the junk mail and unbranded landing page.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Happy Winter & Poetry Inspiration

May Your Season Be Filled
With Warm Inspiration!

The Sky Through Bare Branches 

I love seeing the sky
Through bare branches.
I don't know what it is,
But the white limbs 
Of the paper birch look silvery
Against the azure blue.

I love seeing the sky through bare branches.
As the scattered leaves shiver stiffly
In the cold gust,
It's time to bid fall

©2013 SJHolland 

Poetry Writing Inspiration:

I don't identify and write formal poetry styles very much. I do use the words haiku, senryu and free verse, because their formats are easy to understand and practice.

An easy way to write a 2-stanza free verse poem is to make the last words of each stanza rhyme. You then have more freedom and less constriction in writing the rest of the poem. A stanza is traditionally 4 lines, but can be any number of lines in the poetic paragraph. It's up to you. You decide.

Creative Selling Ideas at TCS

Cover a wall art-sized piece of cardboard with paper. If patterned, paint over with solid paint, covering completely or randomly, as with altered art. Hand-letter or ransom-note journal your poem on it. Embellish and decorate with various elements, creating mixed media artwork featuring your poem. Add string or wire threaded through the top, or to the back, for hanging. A nice gift to self, or another.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy Creative Friday!

Creativity Is A Thank Worthy Ability

I am thankful for so many things today,
but I am most grateful for the ability to
create anything that I want at any time!

Living a creative life is a very wonderful thing!
Anyone who desires to can live creatively.

Today I am mainly taking photos to prepare listings. Creatively I will be finishing the paper patch-worked back of one of my mixed media wall art pieces. I always am driven to finish my backs in creative and interesting ways.
Here are some past painted and collaged art backs designs.
Creative painted finish to the back of a painting by Artsy Craftery Studio
City scene with moon at night creative finish to painting back by Artsy Craftery Studio
This mixed media wall art is finished with a collage back by Artsy Craftery Studio
Hot buildings painted in red, orange and yellow, creative back finish to a mixed media painting by Artsy Craftery Studio.
Brown houses painted in watercolor on the back of mixed media artwork by Artsy Craftery Studio.
 What are you creating today?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

BUSINESS: Fabulous Business Naming Inspiration

Fabuless is a great shop name that I ran across at eBlueJay. The seller played on the word fabulous to create this smart moniker. Maybe the thought also was to imply that shoppers can get fabulous products for much less than anywhere else. This savvy name does double-duty, giving a one-two punch to promotion for this resale, handmades and vintage shop.

You can create an effective and attention-getting name by changing one syllable in an everyday name, just like this shop owner did. See the Fabuless shop here.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

NEW SHOP LAUNCH: Michelle's Bijou Bead Boutique Standalone

Michelle Churchman's Bijou Bead Boutique Logo

Michelle Churchman recently opened her artisan jewelry, standalone online shop at Bijou Bead Boutique.

This online shop looks great, with a large amount of white space that helps the homepage look clean and crisp. It also helps the product images to appear bright and sharp. I made two suggestions for improvements to Michelle:

1) She should consider making her top left logo larger so that people can begin to distinguish it around the internet. The current size is showing at 2,160px × 2,160px (scaled to 50px × 50px). At that size it is not large enough to be learned and recognized by visitors. I only know what it looks like because I saw her announcement post at Facebook.

2) For her top-centered shop name, she should capitalize each word: BijouBeadBoutique, to give it more prominence. Without the caps, it looks diminished or not very important.

The design and format of Bijou Bead Boutique makes it a shop that I'd want to enter into and buy! That's the goal of all of us handmades sellers, to design a shop that is attractive and inviting.

Good job, Michelle and good luck with your new shop! 

Connect with Michelle at her Facebook page

Interested In A Shop Or Product Critique
Similar To This One?

Contact me for info on fee and length. Put Creative Critique Request in the subject line using email address sjhollandwriting @ outlook . com (without the spaces). After I review your site or product critiquing needs,
I will create a custom order for your writeup.
Let's get started making the changes that will help your
creative product attract and retain more customers.

Friday, December 14, 2018

HAPPY CREATIVE FRIDAY: What Do I Do With Discontinued Tags Designs?


Going to photo and list at least the 2nd of my 7 tags packs. The first one sold, which was a 50-tag pk. The others have lots of tags, but I only had one 50-pk.
~ SOLD ~ 50 Premium Tags Pack
The history of these tag packs is that I decided to discontinue some of my tags designs. Since I had some small 4-8 piece pks that had not sold, I got an idea. I decided to combine the sets into larger packs, giving my customers more value.
Premium Handmade Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio

I grouped all of the tags into pks coordinated into warm and cool color themes. The one 50-tag pk was so large because there were quite a few tags in the red/pink family, as you can see in these pics. I could have divided it into 2 pks, but I liked it how it was. It went to a happy customer in PA.
Four Feelings & Thank You Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio

Stamped & Die Cut Exquisite Little Tags By Artsy Craftery Studio
So my other packs are exciting combinations of my premium tags made with a variety of media and creative techniques. I feel excited about photographing them and getting them ready to list!

What are you working on today and what is your weather like? It is rainy and gray here in northeast FL. 

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