Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CRAFTING: Noodle Spacers In Bracelet Design

The long, silver beads at the back of this bracelet are called noodles. They also are called noodle spacers, curved noodles, elbow noodle and tube spacer beads.  

What I like about them the most is that they save time in making my bracelet creations, because they take up a lot of space that individual beads usually would. 

They also easily add a touch of sleek elegance to a design. Just slide them on and bracket them with the beads, cones or other spacers of your choice. Most tube spacers are smoothed or slightly turned inside on the end holes, but be careful with possible rough ends anyway. These sleek spacers pretty much come in standard bead sizes. I used the 2mm x 30mm (1" long) approx size for this memory wire bracelet.

This is my Newbury Street Luncheon Bracelet, available at my Bead Tonic shop at Bonanza. I named it to give the glitzy, ritzy feel of a sparkling midday shopping jaunt to that tony district in Boston, MA.


I buy bead supplies at the usual craft outlets, but enjoy ordering online. I have ordered other bead supplies from this eBay seller, Lor-Jian (formerly 2012-Hello). Here is a listing for their curved noodle beads, where they have included a handy sizing diagram. This product ships from Asia. While most of my orders from overseas have arrived much earlier than expected, the time frame for delivery from the Orient, especially with free shipping, is very long, like 6 weeks or so.

Lor-Jian Curved Elbow Noodle Beads
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Michelle Churchman said...

I love the colors in this bracelet! I agree the long tube beads do look sleek. And thanks for sharing your supplier. I’ll check them out.

Also? Thanks for joining and sharing the link up party!

Artsy Craftery Studio said...

Well Michelle, this bracelet sold, but unfortunately the buyer and/or his girlfriend tried to scam me with it. I stood my ground because I know that I had not made a mistake. In the end, they came clean. Because of that, I would have preferred that they not have bought it. I loved this bracelet and wish it had went to an honest buyer who would haveappreciated it. I do have some more of the lime Delicas, but the cube beads were odds. I too love the colors. Thanks for visiting!

Artsy Craftery Studio said...

Michelle, the elbow spacer beads seller changed his name to Lor-Jian, but the link at the end of my post is the same. I edited and made it clickable.

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